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Fon Noel Nfebe 2018-07-02 Programming

It's has been 7 weeks of core open source. In this week's report, I would explain the evolvement of all the repositories (I have actively worked on) so far. And a bit of the experience other than just a technical report like in the past weeks. We would still have a rundown of what has been done albeit no coding intensive task was carried out since the week was mostly about the integration of tools and respective setup which did not require much effort.


Project Name : Infrastructure Automation 

Repositories : Portal and Hyperkitty

Task(s) : Addition of codacy configuration 

Issue (s) : #426#20, #420 [Issue 420, week 6 work covering Jenkins was improved, but now has to be removed in favor of Travis CI] 

Status : Completed (continues improvements required)

Quite a bit differently from the technical way of reporting the past weeks of coding, I am writing an extension to each part of this weeks report.  As I mentioned, let me talk about the evolvement of both repositories I have worked since coding week one and the experience (not just on the task but in the GSoC way of open source). For the portal repository which is one of the most active in Systers the major changes in Portal have been the addition of unit and integration tests using selenium the portal repository which is almost at what we would like to refer to as the blueprint for standards for the rest of the repositories. This is becoming the case with Hyperkitty as well but in a way just to be in accordance with the standards at systers as there's already a great amount of infrastructure work that was (is) done on it by the mailman developer team. Our fork of Hypekitty was updated, and some important additions/modifications including documentation, Travis CI and Codacy has been done. From this current week more has to be done on other repositories lagging on Infrastructure.

About the open source experience for the past weeks, I would like to summarize the environment as one of rapid learning, self-development/improvement and a framework of opportunities. 

Task description

Like I said, week 7 coding task, was not coding intensive and rather required configuration, all that was required was do add Codacy and coverage set up for Hyperkitty and Portal. As a stretch work on the scripts for automation with Jenkins was improved also, but it's worth mentioning that we have decided to abandon Jenkins in favour of Travis CI to make community workflow easier. This implies all Jenkins related work is stale.

What has changed

Improvement on Codacy configurations for both repositories.


No technical blocker, except that the rollback on Jenkins came aback but that's work ahead! Thanks for reading :) 

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