GSoC Coding Week 8 Report – Systers

Fon Noel Nfebe 2018-07-09 Programming

Today marks the end of GSoC phase 2 and the start of phase 3 which is the very last part of the programme, In phase two I have worked on about 3 Systers repositories including Portal, Hyperkitty and MACC. Work on Python Standards of the entire Systers organization also started. The Infrastructure team in which I work set out to identify repositories lacking in standards and testing and hence MACC was spotted among others which will eventually require work also. All this is done along aside my teammate Monal Shadi who has spent most of his time on the VMS repository so far.


Project Name: Infrastructure Automation 

Repositories: MACCPortal and Hyperkitty

Task(s): Move tests for the malaria-web app from automated testing [MACC], Develop python standards document.

Issue (s): #365#231#22 [Issue 231, spans across week 8] 

Status: Completed (continues improvements required)

Last week, I kind of added a general overview (not just a technical overview) of phase 2; Looks like I was already feeling the end of the phase :). Again, I would like to pick out this line from last weeks overview as my true experience in the community so far. 

I would like to summarize the environment as one of rapid learning, self-development/improvement and a framework of opportunities. 

Task description

Just like with the Portal repository early in the first weeks of coding, there are tests that where written for the MACC repository and kept in the automated-testing repository. Following the decision of the Systers community to each project's tests in its own repository, we have been rewriting and moving all of these tests to their respective locations. Just in case, MACC is a backend platform for the Peace Corps mobile applications which are used by Systers volunteers in various locations. MACC is basically a set of APIs. This week I started by moving tests for the malaria-web app in MACC as detailed in PR #365 above. Another important activity among other stretch activities carried was to start an initial version of Python standards for the entire Systers open source. The python standards document will determine how the community shall work using python henceforth. 

What has changed

Wohoo! So what has really changed?

  • Systers open source now has python coding/infrastructure standards and guidelines!
  • It's a new phase of the MACC repo, as it saw it's first set of test ever being run within it (Malaria Web App)


  1. Developing coding/infrastructure standards is not an easy task especially for someone who really needs to know coding standards! lol
  2. The test from the automated testing repo where expected to run upon simple transfer as it is python! However it did not several IntegrityErrors relating to duplicate entries were thrown due to improper use of post-save Django methods, this was not easy to figure out. Not sure those tests had ever been run anyways.

Thank you for reading! 

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