GSoC Coding Week 5 Report – Systers

Fon Noel Nfebe 2018-06-17 Programming

It's been 5 weeks of coding and 8 weeks of GSoC, We are in phase II of GSoC and thankfully, work will continue as a result of me passing phase I evaluations. Down to coding week 5's report, As introduced in my blog last week, I started working on the Hyperkitty project. Coding week 5 comprised adding a custom documentation for the project and setting up Travis CI to replace Gitlab CI since we are simply maintaining (and customizing) a clone of the original Mailman Hyperkitty.


Project Name : Hyperkitty (Customization) – Systers

Repository : Systers Hyperkitty Repository -GitHub

Task(s) : :Localized (customize) project README documentation (main task)

Issue (s) : #16#17 (stretch)

Status : Completed 

Task description

In line with the purpose of Systers having to maintain a copy of Hyperkitty apart from the general hyperkitty project,  Which is to customize fully the clone to reflect systers especially the interface, transition work like adding documentation specific to the Systers clone was needed and hence the task for this week was about introducing such documentation. Along the task of localizing documentation was that of replacing Gitlab-CI with Travis-CI as the original project is hosted on Gitlab and our clone on GitHub this is to enable the project have it's own builds specific to its purpose.

What has changed

Week 8's work resulted to :

  • Hyperkitty having a "local documentation" and a specific installation guide
  • Travis CI being configured to test the project using it's original tox settings
  • The removal of GitLab-CI configuration file


No major roadblocks as the weeks task was not so technical, however it was my first time getting to know about tox and how to configure it properly. 

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