GSoC Coding Week 3 Report – Systers

Fon Noel Nfebe 2018-06-04 Programming

It's the end of GSoC week 6 and the start of week 7! In the past days, 6 new tests were added and 10 changes/slight updates were made to code previously written in the last 2 coding weeks. Just so you ride along nicely, please take a lip on last week's changelog and perhaps week 1's foundational explanation (changelog). So, here is coding week 3's summary report/changelog.


Project Name : Infrastructure Automation – Systers Portal

Repository : Systers Portal Repository -GitHub

Task(s) : Write automated tests for community app just like (tranfered tests) in meetup app (main task)

Issue : #408

Status : Completed 

Task description

Coding week 6's task,  is not about decentralizing (from automated testing repo) tests for the portal into its own repository. Which constitutes moving/rewriting (in python) all tests in the automated testing repository (written in Java) to the portal repository as explained in week one. This is because despite the previous narrative not all tests were covered in the automated testing repository so the weeks' task was not about rewriting tests but totally writing new ones which did not exist even in the automated testing repo. This was done particularly for the COMMUNITY APP.

What has changed

+6 new selenium automated tests and 10 new changes have been introduced into the portal repository for the community app. please watch this 6 minutes video. I apologise for coming to buy thrice.



My main challenge for coding week 3 and perhaps this week, is non-technical, I had CA's this week and currently writing more of them.

See you next week!

def test_can_goto_thank_you(self):
    self.browser.get('%s%s' % (self.live_server_url, '/thanks_for_reading'))
    self.browser.find_element_by_xpath("//a[contains(text(),'Close Article')]").click()
    self.assertTrue('Come Back Next Time' in self.browser.title)

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