3 Attitudes of Helpful and Resourceful People

Fon Noel Nfebe 2017-11-16 Motivation

People need resourceful and helpful individuals around them! Because we are always in need of help and most of often than not have limited resources! Helpful people know how to find solutions to most of the problems, challenges and difficulties faced by other people around them and when such a person is resourceful in addition, the person knows how to find solutions that don't require much! They know how to work with little and achieve much! These are exactly the kind of people society is looking for. When organizations and companies spot such individuals they hook on them! If you are looking forward to being helpful and resourceful, practice these behaviors.  You could also use them to determine if someone is really helpful and or resourceful, maybe for a team you are building.

1) Reachability

No matter how resourceful or helpful you might be if people can’t get to you and on time, every other reason for your helpful or resourceful nature is defeated. Typically a reachable person has defined ways people know they can use to get to him/her, easily and on time. If Joe is a reachable guy, then it's known by all that, if am looking for Joe, I should call him he always picks his calls, I could send him a text if he has not picked his call sure he will reply! If I don’t find him at his office he should be at home or at Johny’s place.

The whole fiction is just to emphasize that there’s is always a way to get to reachable people and when you can’t get to them then something is definitely wrong and they may be the ones needing you help or resourcefulness this time! Most importantly if you really want to be helpful and or resourceful then learn reachability you don’t want to be the guy who checks his email 2 days after the request dateline!

2) Reliability

If you know that one person who can find a solution to your problem and you sure that person will it means you think that person is reliable! A reliable person will always at least, have a progressive step towards the solution to your problem!

Let's say, you know a friend who is good with fixing electronics and you have this not-working laptop. When you call him to tell him, he says bring it over!  You are very confident he will fix it! and you know even if he can’t he will point you to someone who can or tell you how you can workaround the problem and still use your laptop that way! This kind of person who has one way or the other to always get things done, is a reliable person.

If you are looking for a helpful and or resourceful person, this is one characteristic you can’t afford not to check!

3) Reactive

The best to way to be helpful is to prevent the need for help! and by that I mean being proactive, if you know someone is heading for a pit stop that person. That way, you prevent the stress of going to pull him out! but you can’t be proactive on an already existing situation instead you have to react accordingly! Real help/resourcefulness is valued when the situation is already problematic. At such a stage adequate actions (reactions) are needed. If you want to be helpful and or resourceful you should be that one person whom every other person is sure you got your end!

After reaching out to you, if there's an action needed on your end to get things done, then everyone should be sure you will react accordingly.

These 3 attitudes or characteristics are very key in the context of help and resourcefullness, if you know someone who is always very helpful and or resourceful, follow them up  henceforth and notice (so you can learn) these behaviours in them.

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