How To Change any Attitude Using The 5D Principle

Fon Noel Nfebe 2017-11-16 Motivation

We all have certain attitudes (temperaments) we would like to change or stop. Think of alcoholism, poor spending/saving habits, glutting and all manner of behaviors we are likely to get addicted to.

You might also find it helpful if you re-caption the article How to change any situation using the 5D principle” as the 5D principle is known to cut across many areas even if the situation is being poverty, you can use the 5D principle to escape poverty! Here we go!

1) Decision

If you identify something not going right and you want to make it right the first step towards making it right is not always very obvious! You may assume that wanting to make it right is as good as taking the decision to make it right, but NO! Those are two separate things. The first step towards achieving any goal in life is making a conscious decision towards achieving the goal. If you have an attitude or temperament you don’t like, wanting to stop won't make it go. The first progressive step towards changing, is to make the decision! You be like Ok, I am going to stop/start this!

2) Determination

Just like wanting, making a decision is a first step but it's not enough. If you make a decision, you should be able to focus in order to achieve it. For that to work, you would need to be determined! Determination is a quality of mind which reaches definite conclusions and decision of character!

So you see, it involves the first step which is decision but this time you have to blend with some character. If you don’t do that you may lose the zeal and get back the step 0, wanting!

3) Discipline

Humans learn how to adapt naturally, and as a result we show high resistance levels towards various changes and even reject new ways of doing things at first. Making a decision and committing yourself to it through determination is not an easy task. Consequently you have to discipline yourself to stay in the new conditions which you may not like until you eventually become comfortable or achieve you ultimate goal.

Decisions get you started! Determination gets you going and discipline keeps you going! 

4) Dedication

Dedication has to do with loyalty and in this case to yourself which is very important! It has to do with consciousness! You have to understand that you are doing something consciously. Dedication also implies here that you have to be consistent (devoted) at it! If you decided to stop doing something detrimental to your health don’t dp it sometimes and say it’s just for now and it’s been long! Stick to your original Decision.

5) Deadlines

You don’t want to be in the loop forever just being determined, disciplined and dedicated you need to tell yourself when you expect the manifestation of the desired results. Doing so will also help measure your progress with the other aspects in the process. Set a deadline on when you expect to start doing something, observe a particular result or tell youself, I made it!

It’s not as easy as read, remeber the saying “easier said, than done!” reading this is easy but making the decision at starting to work at it is not! Make that decision now!!!

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