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It's amazing the amount of stress techies went through back in the days, a throwback gives this amazing feeling to those who actaully experienced these stuffs and a feeling of "imagination" to those born later or people who where not so into tech years back. In this article I show you some of the "amazing" moment techies had using technology between 2000 and 2010.

1) Nokia 3310 - 2000

Hola!! the first I talk about is the almighty and popular Nokia 3310, before even talking of Nokia 3310 specifily NOKIA as a whole amazed people a lot back in the days and basically had a monopoly with a few rivals like SIEMENS and MOTOROLA. Nokia 3310 was released in 2000 and made a huge success with over 126 Million units sold, the device had battery life of about 1 week!! (Yeah! charge it once a forget charging for one week). One of the amazing thing in it was the SNAKE GAME and we had just two buttons to play the same game played with 4 buttons (left, right, up, down) now, as a matter of facts the battery only went that low (99% haha!) when you spent 12 hrs playing snake game!!!

2) Windows XP Downloads

Now think of downloading and having to wait for 39 years!! Haha, that is very unrealistic and mind you such unrealistic download time estimates where shown, internet back then was slower and 5KB/sec was not a so bad! What was very annoying about downloads was the fact that if it failed even at 99% you will have to restart the download.

3) No Memory Cards, Flash Disks, External HDs (very rare)

Lovers of music and techies who had numerous programs and games to install had to carry CDs the highest capacity CDs can only carry 700MB even so just the 400MB CDs where common. There was this issue of CD bags haha, everybody had to get one.

4) Scratch on CDs

As if using CD's was not enough, plenty trouble came with it!! I had to be protected the slightest scratch on it meant bad news! Wether it was a movie, game or even an OS that was really bad news.

5) Typing

Oh oh oh, you think typing was easy?? Hell no!! texting was "hell" only numeric pads where common, even early touch screen devices had the numeric style of input.

6) Windows PinBall

PinBall was one of the only few games that came with windows machine back then, it was quite interesting.

7) Floppy Disk

Before CDs where the Floppy Disks it was commonly called diskettes, a floppy disk could only hold as much as 1.4MB not even enough to hold a good quality sound track these days, yet people found themselves carrying files in that, it could spread viruses and suprisingly some games where carried in it. Before I forget it had a space for you to write what kind of information it contains and maybe your name.

8) Windows Shutdown

Shutting down the computer was not an automatic proccess like now, you had to click shutdown(in the start menu) and wait for windows to prompt you to manually complete the process by pressing the power button.

9) Microsoft Bug Report

This is so funny but the windows bug reporting system was a serious bug itself!!!

10) Playing Music

And yes you had to carry your phone along side your ipod, most phones did not support MP3 before 2005, and for those that did space was not a luxury.

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